4 Ways To Become A More Positive Thinker

People are often suggesting that we stay positive or look on the bright side, especially when things aren’t going very well. Unfortunately, they never seem to have much advice on how to do this. Hopefully, these six methods will help to make you more positive so that you can reap all of the benefits.

  1. Be Grateful

Sometimes the ideas presented by religion seem strange and useless, but sometimes they turn out to be better ideas than they might seem at first. An old Jewish saying recommends that we “bless one thousand things every day,” here “bless” being read “be grateful for.” Just like the in “seventy times seven” parable, the thousand isn’t exactly literal, it just means “a lot.”

This little mantra reminds us to look for things in our day to be grateful for, and science has only recently begun to recommend the same thing. Whether you’re religious or not, acknowledging the things that you are grateful for every day can help to hardwire your brain to notice the positive things more quickly.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Negative Thoughts

Meditate is the practice of paying attention, usually to your breath or your thoughts. It can be used to control stress, which can lead to a more positive life. We tend to take our thoughts for granted but they can still make a difference as they float through our minds.

  1. Introduce Positive Thoughts

Trying to replace negative thoughts from our subconscious with positive thoughts from our conscious mind can be a very valuable tool. Ignoring the negative isn’t thinking positive. Thinking positive is about making the best out of the worst that life gives us.

  1. Avoid Negative People (temporarily)

It is difficult for us to be positive when we are surrounded by negative people. That means people who practice negativity as well as people who somehow bring out the negativity in us. We don’t necessarily need to remove these people from our lives forever, just avoid them while we’re first learning to become more positive. Kind of like how people who are quitting smoking find it hard to be around smokers for the first few days but eventually they’re okay to be around other smokers again.

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