About Us

Our mission:

“Improving the performance of our customers.”

Why Pintegrated?

The past 25 years we have supported various organisations in optimizing their performance.

In these 25 years it has been noticed that there is wasted in organisations because of insufficient coordination. This is insufficient coordination between systems, people and organisations. This we have experienced in healthcare institutions, government agencies, insurance companies and telecommunications companies. There is always a waste, but the extent and the form may differ.

Good coordination between systems, people and organisations create the conditions for achieving optimum performance. In our view performance management comes down to: efficient process management, practical risk management, effective behavior and adequate management information.


The founder of Pintegrated Consultancy

Pintegrated Consultancy was founded by Albert. Albert has both a prudential and social science education background. He is an expert in process management, performance management and project management. Albert has a clear vision for his expert areas, based on his extensive experience in a range of companies in various industries. When optimising processes Albert is looking for opportunities to increase the quality and performance and reduce costs. As a consultant, he packed his advice in pragmatic, immediately applicable solutions, but if the situation calls for it, he also supported at the operational level. Albert is a colleague who is responsible to motivate and coach team members where necessary. Its area is experiencing Albert as someone who is well able to recognise differences and concentrating them into power.


In various fields we work together with partners to serve our customers. For example, we partner with Mavim (www.mavim.nl), PragmatiQ BV (www.pragmatiq.nl) and ADRIBA-VU (http://www.adriba.vu.nl).


Our product

Our vision on performance is reflected in the concept of Pintegrated Process Design System and is divided into the following areas of expertise:

  • Administrative Organisation
  • Internal control
  • Risk
  • Behavior Management

Our system

We are pragmatic and purposeful. Together with you, we propose a compact plan of action. The core is: measurable products and deadlines. In the implementation, we use our checklists, experience, observation and common sense. Our opinion is to take root at the client. After all, our advice should not be wasted. What matters to us is immediately applicable solutions for our customers.



We believe in our approach and the benefits to our customers, ask for our “try before you buy” deal!

Please contact us for an informal chat on: +31 (0)6 22 72 30 57.

Or send an email: info@pintegrated.nl



Pintegrated Consultancy