About Us

Mission Statement

I help my clients improve their performance by adjusting actual behavior to applicable rules, procedures and used applications. The characteristics of my approach: holistic, rational and data-driven.

Why Pintegrated?

Pintegrated combines 25 years of experience in optimizing (team) performance by ensuring good coordination between systems, people and organizations. So: efficiently organized process management and effective behavioral change.


Pintegrated Consultancy was established in 2014. From the very beginning, we work together with other solution partners. This to serve our customers as well as possible. Pintegrated is a partner of Mavim (www.mavim.nl) and ADRIBA-VU (http://www.adriba.vu.nl/) and works together with ISO2Handle (http://iso2handle.nl/).

Pintegrated Smart Process Design

Our integrated approach to performance improvement is incorporated in the concept of Pintegrated Smart Process Design and consists of the following core elements:

The integral approach makes it possible to permanently improve performance.


The Pintegrated approach is rational, data-driven with a holistic view on business operations, based on a compact plan of action with measurable products and clear deadlines.


Sustainably increase the performance of your team? Call for a demonstration at your office: +31 (06) 22 72 30 57 or use the form to send us a message.


Pintegrated Consultancy