About Us

About Pintegrated Consultancy: people, process, performance
Pintegrated combines more than 25 years of experience in optimizing (team) performance by ensuring good coordination between systems, people and organizations. In short, we focus on efficiently organized process management and effective behavioral change.

Our mission statement
Pintegrated helps its customers improve their performance by aligning actual behavior with applicable rules, procedures and used applications. The characteristics of our approach: holistic, rational, data-driven and pragmatic.

Our brand values
Holistic: we take the coherent whole into account.
Rational: we work rationally i.e. fact-based.
Data driven: progress is determined on the basis of measurements.
Pragmatic: our solutions are useful and usable.


Pintegrated Consultancy was established in 2014. From the very beginning, we work together with other solution partners. This to serve our customers as well as possible. Pintegrated is a partner of ADRIBA-VU (http://www.adriba.vu.nl/) and ISO2Handle (http://iso2handle.nl/).


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