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Behavior Drives Success



It’s wonderful to have you here! I’m Albert, the founder and visionary behind Pintegrated Consultancy. For the last ten years I’ve been dedicated to guiding my clients through complex challenges related to behavior, processes, and systems. Drawing from the latest cutting-edge scientific insights, my strategies are not only practical but also powerfully effective.

I’m proud to partner with respected scientists such as Dr. Rietdijk and Dr. Cialdini. Moreover, I align with top-tier software solution providers, including ISO2Handle and Mavim, ensuring that my clients always get the best in the business. 

At the heart of my approach lies a simple yet profound philosophy: Behavior drives success!

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is the practical scientific methodology that ensures structural and lasting behavioral change in organizations. OBM is about behavior management based on scientific insights from the Applied Behavioral Analysis. This approach:

Our Training

The current wave of digitization (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is more than simply automating work processes; it is about a different way of thinking and acting. Due to digitization, business models will need to be changed and, more than ever, daily behavior will be the key to competitive advantage. Behavioral management is a neglected game-changer. Our courses enable management to see new possibilities, processes or technology, leading to new actions and results.

Pintegrated courses are aimed at the realization of goals. You will learn how to apply the robust science of behavior analysis in a real-life case in an organizational context or at the individual level.

Built upon the science and application of behavior analysis developed a century ago by Ivan Pavlov and further developed for use in organizations by Aubrey Daniels and Marius Rietdijk, all our courses translate proven scientific knowledge into ready-to-use steps towards success.

All our training programs are in sync with our brand values. They are practical and packed with ready-to-use solutions. Our courses are given by Albert Makhanlal, founder of Pintegrated, or one of our VU-certified associates.

Behavioral Technology

Perfect for young professionals and anyone interested in human behavior.

Behavioral Strategy

Designed for management who would like to execute a behavioral change plan.

Management by Consequences

Senior management faces a unique set of challenges.

Improve performance

You will have a proven approach to improve (team) performance in a sustainable way.

Pintegrated en Cialdini Institute

Met veel plezier presenteer ik het Cialdini Instituut aan je. Het is een innovatief project onder leiding van de wereldwijd erkende autoriteit in beïnvloeden en overtuigen, Dr. Robert Cialdini.

About Pintegrated Consultancy: people, process, performance

Pintegrated combines more than 25 years of experience in optimizing (team) performance by ensuring good coordination between systems, people and organizations. In short, we focus on efficiently organized process management and effective behavioral change.

Our mission statement

Pintegrated helps its customers solve business management issues.


Pintegrated Consultancy was established in 2014. From the very beginning, we work together with other solution partners. This to serve our customers as well as possible. Pintegrated is a partner of Mavim, Maxcademy and ISO2Handle