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Behavior Drives Success

Management by Consequences

Management by Consequences

Senior management faces a unique set of challenges. Our executive training for upper management offers highly practical knowledge in a compact program.

This program is about how to manage your team, associates and stakeholders, based on behavioral insight.

Building on the knowledge from our Behavioral Strategy course, the Management by Consequences program provides you with the opportunity to learn about:

  • key insights on why and how to use behavior as a powerful performance lever,
  • key insights on how behavior can be a sustainable competitive advantage,
  • how to define the results that your organization needs and then determine the behaviors that will produce those results,
  • how to manage those behaviors as they occur and lead others to higher performance.

The fee covers in-class and virtual training, support for self-study, software licenses, literature, and unlimited access to our exclusive OBM LinkedIn group where participants can share best practices and receive advice from others.