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Behavior Drives Success

Behavioral Strategy

Behavioral Strategy

This multiple day training program is designed for middle management and higher who would like to execute a behavioral change plan. Behavioral change plans are particularly useful for anyone who wants to change or influence behavior within an organization (e.g., change agents, team managers, project managers).

In collaboration with dr. M.M. Rietdijk of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we have developed a Behavioral Strategy program based on the OBM Practitioner curriculum, making it the highest level and best quality course in the field. By participating in the training program, you will:

  • gain insight into the universal laws of human behavior,
  • become familiar with the three pitfalls of wanting to influence behavior,
  • master the four basic strategies of effective behavioral influencing,
  • learn how to apply a proven approach to improve individual and team performance in a

sustainable way.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a “Certificate of Competency”.

Central to the training is the proven method of “learning by doing”. You will start with your own practical case and will be guided in the design and implementation of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). So, what you learn is immediately applied to your work!


This program consists of five months of practical learning:

  • Online training where you will learn about theory and laws to further deepen your understanding of the universal laws that guide human behavior. After each module, you will be invited to take a short quiz. After completing all the modules, you will take a multiple-choice exam. The theory course (including the quizzes and exam) takes approximately 16 hours and is 100% digital, so you can follow it at your own pace.

If you successfully pass the exam, you will be allowed to start working on your own concrete Performance Improvement Plan (PIP),

  • five one-on-one online meetings (1,5 hour per meeting) with your instructor to support you on completing your Performance Improvement Plan (scheduled with instructor).

Your investment

Based on our experience, the knowledge students gain and apply to real-life business cases is well worth the investment! The fee covers virtual training, personal support you’re your Performance Improvement Plan, literature, and unlimited access to our exclusive OBM LinkedIn group where participants can share best practices and receive advice from others.