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GDPR(AVG) Registration Tool

All-In-One GDPR(AVG) Management Software

GDPR Management

Under the GDPR, it is very important that you:

GDPR quickly and effectively manageable in the Cloud

We offer you a platform that helps companies manage their privacy documents. It is an “All-In-One GDPR Management Software” you can use to keep track of your register of processing operations, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and processor agreements.  This software package is developed by ISO2HANDLE and is offered as “Software-as-a-Service (Saas).

By digitally storing all documentation centrally, you can more flexibly manage the protection of personal data, and (if ever necessary) easily demonstrate this to the supervisory authority on request.

The importance of a good GDPR tool

The GDPR contains the obligation to keep documentation in several places. The obligation is form-free: organizations can choose to work on paper or digitally, and which tools they use.

Small organizations that want to start simple can use Word and Excel. However, larger organizations benefit from an online environment. This keeps a better overview and allows several people to work simultaneously.

Construction of the GDPR tool

The tool consists mainly of two parts; a compliance scan to assess and track whether a company complies with the most important parts of the GDPR and a register of processing activities. Users can also easily manage their DPIAs and processing agreements and have quick access to our GDPR templates and information.

The GDPR functionality of the platform

All the necessary documentation for this standard is ready to go in the tool. You will find this in a clear tree where you can indicate if you would like to switch between original standard texts or simplified standard texts.

Simplify your GDPR-workflow, contact us for more information.